November 8, 2005

Dear JBHS 1975 Classmates!

Wow, are we ever going to have a FANTASTIC TIME at our coming reunion!   I can't wait!
Let me tell you why:

1. It's at the Sheraton Universal Hotel!
How fun!!!! Back to the location of our romantic Prom and enjoyable 20-Year reunion... the classy Sheraton Universal Hotel :) 

2. We hired a classic ROCKIN BAND!!!!
Joe Mersola has been after me for months to come with him and check out the Bob Cowsill Band. Two weeks ago, I headed out to a club to see these guys play. And, let me tell you The Bob Cowsill Band ROCKS!!!! You don't want to miss them! They play music from the days of our childhood. Plus, they will have you dancing up a storm! When I heard these guys play, I danced for hours (until 1am). So, friends... be ready to ROCK!

Oh, I want to thank SEVERAL classmates who have donated funds OVER AND ABOVE their Reunion fees so that we could hire this band, and so that the majority of our classmates will enjoy one ROCKIN NIGHT... a night they won't soon forget. You know who you are, and on behalf of our Reunion Team and entire JBHS 1975 class, we are very grateful to you!

3. We will still have a DJ!
When the band takes a break, we are still going to have music, as we also have a professional DJ to keep those 1970 dance songs stomping through the night! Does anyone want to hear some great "Sly and the Family Stone?" I still remember dancing to "Sly and the Family Stone" at one of Garry Williams famous parties. I mean the house was so full of people dancing you had to jump out of a window just to get outside! Anyone remember? :)

4. 1975 Memorabilia
Vicki Gibbs is in charge of setting up some fun 1975 Memorabilia for us all to look at... Plus, the Reunion Team has a rare and special surprise in store for our class and championship football team!

5. You get a picture and a memory book of this great evening! Well, you know that this is part of your cover price, but it really is fun to have amemory book to look back at and smile! I still have my 10-Year and 20-Year reunion books right next to my 1975 Akela at home! :)


6. You will eat food! . . . hey anytime food is included, it's a good thing!

7. We may have one AMAZING SURPRISE for you... We can't say what it is, as the deal is not yet confirmed. But, as icing on the cake, we just may have another surprise guest coming to blow your socks off! - Regardless of whether this works out, we are going to have a blast! :)

8. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - MORE AND MORE CLASSMATES are registering for our BIG REUNION BASH! Don't miss out!!!
Through the great efforts of your Class of 1975 Reunion Team, we have sent out e-mails, letters, notes and made phone calls to you - our classmates. . . we are excited to announce that the list of classmates attending our 30-Year Reunion is growing by the day! We are soooooo thrilled about this fact as we want EVERYONE to come! We have one GREAT REUNION PLANNED and you will KICK YOURSELF if you miss this thing... so, do whatever you can do to come!!!! :)

Click here to see a partial list of who is coming to our reunion.

I look forward to seeing each one of you there!

Tony De Felicis
... for the JBHS Class of 1975 Reunion Team!

PS. PASS THE WORD... it is not to late to register for our reunion!   Don't MISS OUT!!!!
Click here for details of how to sign up and pay, so you can party with us!

PPS: THE BIG GAME!!! - Several of our classmates went to the JBHS/BHS Football game this last Thursday night (11/10/05) at Memorial Field. Following the game, we headed over to the Burbank Bar and Grille for a great social time. Click here for our football trip, past and present!

The JBHS Tour: We have a tour planned to show you the new JBHS campus and facility. The special tour for our class is set for Sunday, November 20, 2005, from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.
Please meet at the school marquee (LED sign on Clark Ave) at 12:30pm sharp!
The JBHS Class of 1975 Picnic: Our class picnic is also schedule for Sunday, November 20, 2005, beginning at 1:45pm or 2pm-ish at Brace Canyon Park. We will be on the grassy area near the outdoor basketball court. Bring your family or guest and a picnic lunch. This is just a causal time to hang out and enjoy old friends!

See you there . . .       Go Indians!

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