Current Photos and Messages

Ralph Seta:

"Here is a picture of four 1975 classmates that still get together frequently."

1975 JBHS classmates get together at the river from left to right:
Ralph Seta, Randy Haberman, Glenn Loucks and Kevin Stolpe.

Steve Bridgers:

"Here is a photo of me now. I work at Edwards AFB supporting flight test. I live in Lancaster, California."


Merle Lintz:

"Greg Hall's 50th birthday party - from left to right: Merle Lintz, Bob Dilly, Greg Hall."

Merle Lintz, Bob Dilly, and Greg Hall

Merle Lintz:

"Hi, everyone. Had a great time at the 30yr reunion. Living in Santa Clarita; I think half the class is living up there. Here's a picture of my daugthers: Andrea 14/going on 21 and Victoria 11"

Merle Lintz and Family

Jamie (Moss) Kohler:

"I am so enjoying the pictures from the reunion! You all look wonderful and I am sorry I didn't find out about it until it was too late. I am living in Ventura with my husband Billy and my daughters and grandkids. Life is good and we are blessed!"

Love and Blessings,
Jamie Moss

Jamie Moss, (center) the Halloween vixen!

Cris West:

"Hi Everybody!
I was at the 10 year and the 20 year, but unfortunately missed the 30. I live in San Diego, work in Real Estate and have 2 kids, the youngest just graduated from high school.

So sorry I missed seeing everyone. We really were a GREAT class! Wishing you all the best and . . .Thanks for the Memories.

Cristina West"

Cris West, with son Jonathan and daughter Jennifer.
(Editor's note: doesn't Cris look the same as 30 years ago?!)

Ron Wollard:

"Hi Everybody!
Sorry I will not be there. Obligations and commitments prevent me from making the trip. But, checking out the website and reading the bulletin board has been fun...and has woke up some sleeping memories. I wish I could be there to see everyone. Judging by the photos posted on the website, it appears time has been a friend. I've been away from California since 2000, living in the southeast -TN, FL, VA, GA and now I'm back in Knox Vegas, TN. It's a wonderful part of the country and a nice place to live. I've been fortunate to have a lot of good experiences since leaving. I do get back to town occasionally. This is the only photo I have that I'm able to email. It was taken this past September while fishing on the West Fork of the Bitteroot River in southwest Montana. If anyone has an opportunity to travel to east Tennessee I hope you'll give me a call. Best wishes to all and have a great time!"

H. 865-522-2385       W. 865-691-4152       M. 865-389-5507

Ron Wollard fishing on the Bitteroot River in southwest Montana.


Scot Tempesta:

"Scot Tempesta here. Look pretty good, don't I? I'm sorry I won't be able to show off at the reunion, but I didn't like most of you 30 years ago, why would that change now? I'm kidding. Sort of.

I am a talk radio show host in San Diego, own the most visited sailing website in the world, am happily married with two wonderful sons, and live in Carlsbad, CA, where we mountain bike, sail and surf like there is no tomorrow.

PS: If you see Mona Standeford, tell her I thought she was hot, but I was too lame to do anything about it!"

"Rant with Scooter" - radio show

Julie (Patterson) Wilson:

"Just wanted to say that unfortunately I won't be able to make the reunion.
. . . wishing you all a great reunion and wish I could be there."

Julie (Patterson) Wilson and husband, Captain Alan

Lisa (Friedrich) Boyd:

"Hey Class of 1975! I just left Catalina Island 3 weeks ago for my home in Wyoming and will have to miss our class reunion. I sure wish I could be there and give you all my love!"

(left:   Lisa Friedrich Boyd with husband Pat)

Alan Wind:

"WOW! 30 years, what a long strange road it's been. I missed the 20th reunion and it looks like I'll miss the 30th also. I hope everyone has a great time, I wish I could be there.

After college, I moved to Wyoming and started an outfitting business which I just sold this summer after 25 years. My wife is a native Montana cowgirl and we currently manage a 5000 acre cattle operation outside of Wisdom, Montana. No kids, just dogs and horses. Please look us up if you are ever in the neighborhood."

Al Wind and Simone Keyes Wind

Lori Anderson-Kerr:

"Hello everyone from Jeff and Lori (Anderson) Kerr. We are not able to attend the 30-year reunion.
We will miss everyone.

We moved to the great Pacific Northwest, Silverdale, Washington, in 1991, and just love it here. We have two children Jackie and Chris, they both live locally. Jackie and her husband Richard gave us our first grandchild, Jeffrey, he is so much fun. We will be celebrating his first birthday November 10. Jeff just caught a big Silver salmon last weekend at the Point Wilson Lighthouse; so if anyone wants to come up for fresh salmon, send us e-mail at

Have fun,
Jeff and Lori Kerr"

Lori and Jeff Kerr

Kevin Morris:

"Things here in the Arizona mountains are great, small town and beautiful. I have been married to my lovely wife Linda for 13 years now. We met in a church in California. We moved here 8 years ago and started our own business, Classic Lightning Protection, Inc. (lightning and surge protection contracting).
Wish you all the best."

Kevin Morris with his wife, Linda.

Mike Macumber:

"I have been living in the Chattanooga area since 1983, currently we are in Cleveland TN. We were able to go to CA this past May to see family; the picture is my mother who is 90 and lives in Altadena, my wife Dee and our daughter Faith; she was eleven months when the picture was taken. I am a systems administrator for Miller Industries, we are the world's largest manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment.."

(right to left) Mike Macumber, his mother, wife Dee, daughter Faith.

We hope you can make the 30-Year Reunion Saturday, November 19, 2005
If you can't, please let us know. And please send a picture or two of you now!
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